We all have questions about life, be they existential or about our circumstances. Due to any number of reasons, the answers to these questions are sometimes unclear. They can even feel non-existent.
 Part of the adventure of life is discovering that the answers we seek have always been “hidden in plain sight”. 
I offer intuitive readings to assist with the journey inward; I think of them as nudges, hints or clues for the quest.
There is much healing that can happen when we connect with ourselves by going within, and that is what I love to help people do.

Get to know yourself. Reconnect. Heal. Grow.
…and do so in ways that are AUTHENTIC to you.

With love,

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Readings are conducted as video calls, on the Zoom platform.

 After finalizing your booking and receiving email confirmation, I will contact you directly to touch base in preparation for your reading.

Please book only one session at a time.

*These readings are not a substitute for professional and/or clinical counselling, diagnosis or treatment.*

*Outcomes will vary.*